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  1. Kids and Family Videos

    by Haley Font joined

    1,623 Videos / 494 Members

    Family videos for good remembrances.

  2. Dogs

    by GP Creative joined

    705 Videos / 348 Members

  3. Kids R Us

    by Paul Davis joined

    2,760 Videos / 752 Members

    Do you have funny, inspiring, or creative video of your kids? Share them with us. It's like our kids' video birthday parties, without the scary clown.

  4. I Love to Ride My Bicycle :)

    by mike ambs joined

    3,497 Videos / 792 Members

    Videos of people riding their bicycles :) and preferably being happy about it...

  5. VeloVimeo

    by Soxiam joined

    7,725 Videos / 2,044 Members

    bicycle and cycling related videos on Vimeo. Let me know if you want to become a moderator.

  6. Avant-garde films

    by Anders Weberg joined

    16.8K Videos / 5,347 Members

    "Avant-garde" is a word from the French, meaning "ahead of the crowd." In contemporary English, we'd say it's on the "cutting edge." Avant-garde film makers…

  7. experimental and unusual

    by Neil Cross joined

    19.8K Videos / 4,568 Members


    by Andres Victorero joined

    3,549 Videos / 1,811 Members

    Only videos shot on Super 8, single 8, double super 8 and regular 8. Please upload videos with any kind of interest to the SUPER 8 Group members-watchers. Thanks

  9. Nouvelle Vague

    by Luca Gennari joined

    571 Videos / 278 Members

    "Photography is truth. And cinema is truth twenty-four times a second." JL Godard For those who owe something to French 'Nouvelle Vague'.

  10. Bolex Central

    by Franck Deron joined

    394 Videos / 327 Members

    The venerable Bolex lives here.

  11. Black & White! on film


    1,245 Videos / 589 Members

    black and white shot on film medium like 8mm / 16mm / 35mm etc ;]

  12. 16mm

    by Joseph Griffin joined

    2,172 Videos / 1,364 Members

    Shoot on 16 mil? This is your domain! Post raw footage or your completed 16mm film here. Home movies, student films, independant - It doesn't matter.

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