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DANA GONZALES - Cinematographer

The Pulse of an Image

With an insatiable hunger to capture great images, Dana has made a career out of scoring the world through visual cues.

The pounding rain on a white-gray day.
Sunlight on a face that melts the heart.
A clash of cultures on the common pavement.

He captures them one beat at a time to the rhythm of a mood. The script maps out the logic of a moment. Characters then enter his background, revealing multiple shades of reality.

His camera buzzes with the afterglow of honesty.

Anticipation. Exploration. Discovery. Each note has its own beauty. And beauty is everywhere and it dances in the eyes of his capture.

For him, image making is as natural as breathing and as elusive as a dream. Only he’s wide awake to shoot it.

Throughout his career, he’s had the pleasure of photographing many celebrated stars in extraordinary settings.

Among his credits, Dana’s feature film work includes the upcoming Dwayne Johnson drama "Snitch", The Fighter, Felon, The Tempest, Deja Vu, the Academy Award-winning Crash, and the film festival hit Man in the Chair.

On TV, he’s shot the likes of such visually-acclaimed series as Pretty Little Liars, and the critically acclaimed Southland.

Oil of Olay, Cadillac, Pantene , Covergirl, and US Army are listed among his commercial clients.

Dana’s honed eye for beauty, sensuality, playfulness, and harmony is visible in all his projects.

Born and raised in Los Angeles that is still home, Dana lives with wife Orna and daughters Isabella & Paloma

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