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Jamieson Mulholland is an innovative and professional Cinematographer based in the Chicago area. Beginning to shoot national television commercials while still completing his undergrad at Columbia, he entered the Chicago commercial production community at an early age. Since graduating his work has taken him to 45 of the 50 states, and abroad to places like Pakistan, Dubai, Spain, Canada, Germany, Peru, Cuba, Israel, Ireland, Finland, and Croatia. Projects that he shot have won dozens of Tellys, Addys, and various other festival honors. These days Jamieson shoots just about everything under the sun- including national, regional, and web based television commercials, award winning documentaries & short films, along with music videos, TV pilots, and the occasional high end corporate video. While a lot of his work focuses on commercial production, Jamieson looks at himself as a craftsman and an artist, and believes that for him, the Art is in the Craft. No matter what he is shooting, he brings the same level of attention and care to every project he works on.

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