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Music Producer/Engineer/Composer/Songwriter/Actor/Not all human!
I laud myself in being modest in that there is nothing I cannot do. You can do whatever there is out there to do with knowledge and applying that knowledge... Music is life, it's an element of life like that of the air we breath, the water we drink, the food we eat.
It's a whistle of a carpenter at work. It's the humming of a mechanic working on a car. The sounds of birds in the early morning. Music is all around us. The tempo of the windshield wipers in an automobile. The sounds of insects, and frogs at night. We cannot escape the natural melodies all around us and in everyday living...
This is only a brief note of what is to come from me as I will go into the Theory of living with music and how it affects our everyday living and influence behavior. THERE IS NO LIFE WITHOUT MUSIC... Lock your self in a dark room with no sound, the music will find you there in mind!
~Co Lane

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