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Passion Ate Dave was born and raised in Belfast. He moved to London aged 22 having reluctantly studied law at Newcastle University. Rather than follow more conventional paths, he started working for an educational charity with young offenders and inner city kids who have been excluded from school. He writes songs describing them as reflections and observations on youth, fear, curiosity, hedonism and heartache. He has previously toured with KT Tunstall and supported American singer songwriter Shawn Colvin.In March 2009 he started 'Songs From A Room'(Sofar) with two music fans (Rafe and Rocky) as a way for his music to be heard live, unplugged and in a warm, receptive environment. The first one was in his tiny North West London loft living room. These shows have become a phenomenon and occur monthly in the secret setting of packed London living rooms. They now host the finest new music in town along with the occasional big name (eg The Magic Numbers). He also plays Sofar shows in New York and Paris.

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