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Guitarist, teacher, arranger/composer. I've been teaching guitar since 1987 and it's my full time occupation. I'll teach any style of music beginner to advanced. I perform Classical and Jazz in fine dinning restaurants on weekends, I have a home recording studio and some midi equipment and occasionally find a variety of work in music production.
12 string guitar custom made by John Zeidler in 1984.

Live Web Cam Lessons - no matter where you are in the world you can study the guitar with me, any style of music, beginner to advanced. Free web cam consultation before your first lesson.

The following "How I Play It Videos" are now available at edkihm.com
1. Bond Theme
2. Speak Softly Love (Theme from the Godfather)
3. Paint It Black
4. Dust In The Wind
5. Mission Impossible
6. The Shape of My Heart
7. Mad World
8. Hotel California
9. He's A Pirate
10. The Medallion Calls
11. El Condor Pasa
12. Chop Suey

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"Techniques to Master The Guitar" This section of my site contains detailed videos which will give you the material and exercises needed to develop the technique required to play the type of arrangements that I have in the "How I Play It Videos" and on YouTube.
You'll find it at edkihm.com


"The Complete Basic Rhythm Course for the Guitar" This section of my site contains detailed videos that teach the most basic technique of strumming and reading rhythmic notation. This is a course I wrote in the early 1990's to teach beginners as quickly as possible how to strum so they could play and sing they're favorite songs as well as gaining an understanding of timing and rhythm that can be applied to single note riffs and soloing. So far there are more than a hundred detailed videos in this section including trouble shooting videos that deal with the most common problems people have when learning this technique.
Find it at edkihm.com

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