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VYNE is a fused organization that links creative direction and strategic public relations planning into contemporary, conscientious, educational and effective messaging outlets. Just like a vine does in nature, the organization is constantly spreading and intertwining, linking businesses with nonprofit missions, so that both may grow from commonly overlooked or unreachable demographics. By emerging onto the creative scene during a troubled economic period, VYNE reawakens a sense of purpose in people and the businesses they choose to support.

By illustrating powerful messages and topics through dynamic imagery, VYNE creativity gives a new face and voice to global topics and their potential solutions. The organization’s commitment to higher creative standards has been recognized by Style Network and esteemed critics in the artistic fields. Creative Director Milan D. Richardson has taken his years working with nonprofits and leaders in fashion to formulate the organization’s use of “climactic emotion” to contemporize the way society looks at the duality of art and community. His philosophy for VYNE strives for creative excellence in all dimensions of production and execution, utilizing art and luxury to create work that is artistic, engaging and inspiring.

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