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Los Angeles, CA

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Drew Suppa got his start in filmmaking at the University of Central Florida where he earned a BFA in Film Production with focus in Cinematography, after years of making home movies with his neighbors. While attending University, Drew was privileged to work on a variety of projects which exposed him to several recording mediums, including SD, HD, Super8, Super16 and Super35 film. This allowed him to hone his skills in on a variety of technical levels, while ever increasing his passion for light. At 21, he trekked to Los Angeles for the first time, where he was invited to learn the craft of lighting with John Toll, ASC, on the set of the feature film "Rise". Since then, Drew has been fascinated with the capturing of imagery in the photographic medium, both in still photography and cinematography. His craft is ever ameliorating, and he is always eager to use the latest tools. Drew was at the unveiling of the RED One camera in 2007 and has been working with it on various productions ever since. With a positive and upbeat demeanor, he is an invaluable asset to any camera or lighting team.

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