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I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Buenos Aires and a Master’s Degree in Communications from IDAES (University of San Martin, Argentina). I completed a two-year program in script writing at Cigcite in Mexico among other vast workshops on film and video that I attended over the years. Currently I am pursuing my MFA in film at Maine Media College, US.

I was a NALIP Fellow in their program, the Producer Film Academy in Santa Fe, Nuevo México during 2009 with my documentary Ingrates and also a Fellow at the Talamasterclass a program organized by the Jewsih Federation during 2009.

I was experimenting with documentary shorts since 2006, usually focusing in the issues that moves me the most. Themes that gravitate on the topic of social justice or deal with the core idea of inclusion and exclusion: Digna Merced (Dignity at La Merced) was prized with the Pantalla de Cristal (a prestigious film award) for editing and photography in 2005. Then in 2006, I Co-Direct El Sonido de los Pájaros (Bird Sounds), which was awarded first place by the Corto Cinema Film Festival, it was also screened at Morelia Film Festival receiving a national recognition. I co-directed with Benjamin Mathews, As a Man Thinketh, that was screened at the Blues Museum in Clarksdale and participated in Crossroad film festival 2009. I have been worked on some other projects, Ingratas, Lefty (Left Souls in US) and As usual Bill, my last short that has been screen at the LA International Short Film Festival 2011. At the moment I am in post production of The Marching Quixotes a documentary that follows a groups of Spanish protesters from Barcelona to Madrid on foot.

In fiction, my screenplay Del Amor, la Felicidad y Otras Boludeces (Love, Happiness, and Other Stupid Things) and ¿De Dónde Vienen los Bebés? (Lost and Found in Guatemala) were both finalists at the La Habana International Film Festival. Recently I co-wrote a feature length film with Gabriela Vidal, The Persist Faith, and I am finishing my first novel, Violeta with the intention to adapt this story to a scripted film version.

I currently live in Los Angeles, Ca.


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