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  1. geoff tompkinson

    geoff tompkinson Plus UK and Austria


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    Photographer, Videographer, Time Lapse & Hyperlapse specialist. Timelapse Workshops : http://www.gtimage.com/workshops All footage available for licensing - http://bit.ly/gtimage For DAY-NIGHT transition lapses & HDR I use Promote Control - http://tinyurl.com/promotecontrol http://facebook.com/gtimage http://twitter.com/#!/g_tompkinson

  2. Rob Chiu

    Rob Chiu Plus London


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    Director of Stories + Pictures. Twitter: @robchiu Facebook: robchiufilm

  3. Nic Barker

    Nic Barker Plus Melbourne, Australia


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    Award Winning Filmmaker. Writer. Sarcasm Enthusiast. nicbarkerfilmmaker.com

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