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Maria Celeste Taliani is an experimental video maker and photographer. She had a theoretical and practical formation and approach in Visual Arts. Her growing interest in theatre and performing languages in general stands as a challenging opportunity for increasing her personal perspective of the use of the camera. She realizes documentaries where she explores the creativity of actors and dancers, and video screenings in theatres performance for different artists and companies. In the last years, she has been particularly involved in the investigation of video animation and video dance experimentation. In 2009, as a member of the Kessler Twins collective (Simona Bertozzi, Celeste Taliani, Marcello Briguglio), she creates the video dance work Terrestre-movement in still life, which gains the price for the best independent production at Coreografo Elettronico competition in Naples. Celeste Taliani is a member of various artistic groups: Casolani & Taliani, Stultiferanavis, Tintura Madre, Kessler Twins.


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