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  1. Walter Glass
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  4. American Humanist Association
  5. Reggie Watts
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  1. and yes, i know it is not still all out there and wouldn't "wait for me" regardless.
  2. great work, by the way. thanks for this.
  3. i have only ever been with Occupy in spirit, but that support, limited as it is, has been unwavering from day one. (i even would have known about it in advance, but i hadn't been keeping up with adbusters for a while.) i hope to find peace with…
  4. (((and yes, i realize that most rhetorical stylists are loath to delineate nuance - who has the time? well i sure as hell do...)))
  5. (and for my generally-liberal money, boiling it down to two sides is the real root of our stupidity. (like 'compromise' can only have a positive or negative association, refusing to delineate the *fairly simple* difference between active and passive…