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Born In Italy, Milan, and actually living in Bsas Argentina. interest for art, bio & design and photos. Start travelling with friends & alone around the world after his studies with his lovely FM2 nikon. Fascinated for documentaries at school decide to move in Milan to study photography&cinema. In Milan start my career as loader in commercial and i move to ROme for some years working in the cinema industry as 1st AC. In the 2000 i Meet my fantastic and actual wife, an amazing makeup artist, Fernanda l. Perez, and we decide to join to live in bsas to make a big change. After few month in bsas, i have the big opportunity to work in the last Francis Coppola movie " Tetro". An amazing experience.
Since 1995 working in cinema industry for most important production companies, director and DOP national and international.
In the 2009 meet monsieur Alain Deymier, an incredible french photographer who propose me to shoot a movie in Uruguay. From that i decide to move on DOP affaire!
In the last years with my great friends and collegues Veronica Mengoli and Marco Ferrara, who was a gorgeus incredible 1st AD in commercial industry in Milan, we decide to experiment with everything we like to make video &stuff, 16mm ,S8mm, vhs, dv and more...
In the last days i just buy the new canon 5d markII and with my nikon ais set lens ( from 20 to 200) i'd like to prosegue to shoot & shoot ... all the best. MR

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