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2013: OCT. uploading time!
happy halloween !

2013: It's March!
And now I hope to be a VJ!!! check out my video! coming soon...

2012: It's Feb! month 7 of
I work as a producer for all the online video content!

Tamilculture is an online lifestyle publication that showcases the culture of today's Tamil!

Sept.2011Just Recently finished working on the first season of Say Vat? A South Asian Variety Show airing Saturday Mornings 9am to 10am on
Rogers Digital: Channel 129
Star Choice: 348
Bell Express Vu: 217

To describe myself is a mission in itself, sure the exterior shows the typical ethnic living in Toronto (what ever that is) but the interior is ever changing;
here's what's constant;

my love for the arts has no bounds:

creating moving pictures is visual crack

writing a story creates caricatures that laugh at their beginnings

spitting jokes separates the normal from the moronic

athletics creates real people

you go?


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