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Hi, I am Alef, I live in Prague, Czech Republic, Europe and my homepage is here: - this is where I put info about events we organise here in Prague and in Czechia with our soundsystem Hypno and our fellow soundsystems and I put there my photos and texts. You are welcome to look at what is happening here in Prague! :)

My public profile on Facebook, where you can check my photographic projects, texts and other stuff is here: :)

If you are not on Facebook, then here is some additional info about my activities back in Prague:

I am collecting different graphical stuff, like madalas, thangkas, diagrams, schemes and so on, you can check out my gallery on :)

As I like oldschool rave and goatrance music, I have created a liveset in that style, I collect old Roland analogue sequencers, synths etc, you can listen to my liveset music here:

We have fireshow and drummers group "Tribo Fuego" and we make for 4 years regular fireshow meetings in Prague and surroundings, history, places and times of meetings are here:

We were missing here in Prague a real D.I.Y. freetekno theatre, so we have started the first one, it is called "Ty-Jaatro" and photos and history are here:

I write texts about spirituality, buddhism, anarchy, calligraphy, DIY culture etc., you can read some of them here (in Czech language):

I love travelling, with friends from our soundsystem we travel to places like Ukraina, Bulgaria, Rumania, Turkey, lately we returned from a trip to India, see some photos are here:

Favorite Music: freetekno, jungle, drum´n´bass, breakbeat, dark psytrance, hiphop, downtempo, ambient and all the good non-commercial music :)

If you want to listen to my music directly and learn about my other projects, just look at :)

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