Lorenzo Pizzanelli

Firenze - ITALY

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Multimedia Artist
Born in Florence (Italy) 1969 where he lives and works

The expressive interests of Pizzanelli revolve primarily around interactivity between art and the public.
Through video installations and interactive performances the presupposed role of authority and institutional authority is obscured and obstructed.

A typical theme of the author, most pointedly in the performances, is the concept of the masterpiece as an ironic vision of a reverse transmission of cultural heritage through museums and memory, exemplified in his Trans-Unto Museum. The installations are more a reflection concentrated on the body and its implications, from the cyborg to the genetic engineer. The vision of an animist archetype embedded in the work: Marinetti alla Quarta, Pinocchio, Sacrifice, Exorcist, Anna Bolena, seem to give a magical feel to even the most com temporary technology.

Began as a traditional painter taught by his parents (his grandfather was a famous painter), graduated from both the Arts Secondary School and Academy of Visual Arts of Florence.
His artistic interests primarily in oil painting changed drastically in 1993-4 when he reached a radically new method for artistic production. For over 10 years he has utilized media, focusing primarily on new technology.

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