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Mountain biking and surfing makes me happy. I like to be outside.


  1. Yeti Cycles
  2. Daniel Lyons
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  1. Watched it. ALL-TIME. Thanks Benny.
  2. Proof of youth. The cover shot is amazing! I haven't watched this yet because my net is too slow but can't wait!
  3. AWESOME! Really really good.
  4. sensai_miagi commented on HassClip
    Yes. yes. yes. Piet is right...things have got very soft. Don't stand next to me at the urinals anytime soon...
  5. Yeah the lifestyle and travel clips are great, thanks for the memories.
  6. Hmmm...dusty camera!
  7. sensai_miagi commented on gnaraloo, 10
    Ah Yes! Thanks for taking me back to heaven for 8 mins...good stuff.