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  1. 02:23:05

    This is the ENDD: The E-Cigarette in Context

    by Rhizome

    5 Videos

    This is the ENDD: The E-Cigarette in Context Saturday, February 22nd, 2014 3 p.m. NJOYs. Blus. Smokefrees. V2s. All manner of customized vaporizers. This is the moment of the e-cigarette, or…

  2. 02:59:24

    Seven on Seven NYC 2014

    by Rhizome

    8 Videos

    MAY 3, 2014 12—6PM / NEW MUSEUM Artists: Kari Altmann, Ian Cheng, Simon Denny, Holly Herndon, Kevin McCoy, Hannah Sawtell, and Frances Stark. Technologists: Nick Bilton, Anil Dash, Jen…

  3. 03:12:42

    Seven on Seven LDN

    by Rhizome

    8 Videos

    Video documentation of Rhizome's first international edition of Seven on Seven in London at Barbican Centre.

  4. 01:00

    Rhizome Editorial and Fun Picks

    by Rhizome

    1 Video

    Videos from Rhizome's editorial content... and random things we like!

  5. 02:00

    Rhizome Community

    by Rhizome

    2 Videos

    Artwork from the Rhizome Community

  6. 11:24

    Rhizome ArtBase

    by Rhizome

    2 Videos

    Selections from the Rhizome ArtBase

  7. 01:21:13

    Stories from the New Aesthetic

    by Rhizome

    3 Videos

    Thursday, October 11th, 2012 7 p.m. at the New Museum The New Aesthetic is an ongoing research project by James Bridle, investigating the intersections of culture and technology, history and memory,…

  8. 00:00

    Net Aesthetics 2.0

    by Rhizome

    11 Videos

    Part of the New Silent Series Convening leading artists, critics and curators, this panel looks at the state of contemporary art engaged with the internet art today. The second in a series of Net…

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