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Richard is a London based cinematographer with an extensive portfolio of work expanding from short films and features, to documentaries, commercials and music promos for such artists as So Solid Crew and Karen Davies.
After being given a Panavisonic M40/M50 VHS camcorder to film a school field trip to Chinatown and having a fateful conversation with freelance cameraman, Chris Morphet, Richard became inspired to make films from a young age.
Motivated by these events, he went to study Professional Photography, film & Video and art at Stanmore College and later, study Film & Television at London College of Communication (LCC) University of the Arts London.
It was here where he join the Connect scheme, which offered mentors in the creative arts industry for students at the University, which led him to be paired with Director of Photography, Balasze Bolygo HSC who has been a key guide for Richard in his path to success. Since graduating, Richard has continually in the industry with many talented directors on numerous projects that have driven to seek new challenges and push his art to new limits.
He’s proficient with a variety of camera systems and formats, which include: 35mm, 16mm, RED, Arri Alexa, High-Speed Phantom, and HD digital formats such as Canon 7D and 5D.

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