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  1. Warp Records
  2. stereogum

    stereogum Plus Brooklyn


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    Stereogum.com was one of the first MP3 blogs and remains a leading online community for indie and alternative music.

  3. Rumraket

    Rumraket Plus Copenhagen


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    Rumraket is a friendly label owned and run by the Danish Band Efterklang. The discography includes releases by Grizzly Bear, Cacoy, Our Broken Garden, Kama Aina, amiina, Taxi Taxi!, Canon Blue, Slaraffenland, Efterklang and Erik Levander. www.myspace.com/rumraket www.efterklang.net www.myspace.com/taxitaximusic www.myspace.com/slaraffenland www.myspace.com/canonblue erik.levander.dk

  4. Sub Pop Records

    Sub Pop Records Plus Seattle, WA


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    We're not the best, but we're pretty good.

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