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Chat Le'lu is a Tel- Aviv based company
And it has been an art market pioneer since its foundation in 1985 by an Israeli art magazine named “Four by Five”.

Chat Le’lu’s vision is to help build communities by developing a creative partnership between business and arts while promoting projects that are conducive to the advancement of social ideas.

Chat Le’lu was established to support and encourage businesses seeking an active involvement with arts. We are guided by a passionate belief in the power of art to create inspiring personal experiences as well as foster social progress

Chat Le’lu specializes in contemporary art, mid-career artists and emerging artists. We like to make the impossible possible, pushing artists beyond their comfort levels, just as they push us beyond ours.
In the process, artists engage in a dynamic conversation between site, audience, and context, offering up new ideas about who an artist is and what art can be, pushing culture into fresh new directions

Chat Le’lu established by Ketty Bar.

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