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I was born on December thirtieth nineteen fifty in Laurel County Kentucky. At the age of six or seven years old I was attending church and elderly minister came back to me and ask me if I would like to pray.

I told him that I would, I don't remember what I prayed but I suppose it was whatever a child of that age would think was right for asking Jesus to save him.
I don't remember receiving any instruction, nor do I remember anyone ever mentioning it again. However it was not very long until I began to have a desire to preach, but that desire was soon replaced with a desire for sin in what ever form I could find it.

When I was in my early teens I began to drink alcohol, and continued to do so until I was twenty eight years old. Much of my life revolved around getting drunk and the lifestyle that is associated with bars, booze, and occasionally drugs.

When I was twenty one years old I met a beautiful young girl named Margaret. I knew I loved her the first time I saw her. A few months later she became my wife, and she still is today. Then came my son Randy, so now I am a young man with a family that I love very much, so I do what should be done I work hard buy a home and support my family. However having a family that I love, and working hard could not me free from the bondage the devil had put me in, because although a family had made many changes in my life my desire for alcohol had not gone away, the drinking problem was still there.

By the time I was twenty eight years old the drinking was causing "black outs". I didn't have to get drunk for this to happen. I could just drink a few beers tell everyone goodnight and go home and go to bed, wake up the next morning and remember nothing that I did. I was in trouble and I knew it, but I couldn't stop. When I first started drinking it was fun. I controlled the drink, it never controlled me, but it was not too long until it was no longer drinking beer and having fun with my friends, it progressed to getting sloppy drunk and passing out.

The unusual thing about this is that from the time I prayed when I was just a child, I began to pray and read my Bible, I would wake up all hung over and pray and ask forgiveness, but had very little victory. This made me even more miserable. I wanted to free from the alcohol and other things like cigarettes, and also the immorality that goes with the alcohol and drugs. I could get a limited amount of success, but not total freedom. I would be able to quit drinking alcohol for a few weeks but then I would get drunk again, and the misery went on.

In nineteen seventy nine I began to pray and seek God like never before in my life. I would watch religious programs on TV, and I would pray when the invitation was given, but no deliverance came. However I now realize that deliverance was there all the time I just never knew how to receive it. Then someone ask me to go to church with them. They never had to ask twice, Margaret and I went. I don't remember what the preacher preached, but when the call was made for sinners to be saved I went. I don't remember what I prayed, but I know that I got up from that alter with victory and power. That was the end of it right there a five minute prayer, and it was over, I had total deliverance from alcohol and immorality. I still smoked, but that ended a few weeks later. A little while later I was praying one night and began speaking in tongues, and continue to do so to this day.

Depending on what their church teaches different people will have different opinions of what was wrong in my life, but I don't try to make it fit any teaching, that was just the way my life was for twenty eight years.

The little spark of a desire to be a preacher that I had when I was a child was now a roaring fire. So I began to preach, and it was horrible. Surely there will be a reward in Heaven for those who set and endured my preaching. I don't know who dreaded it more me, or those who had to listen. Over the years there was some improvement. It went from horrible to just bad. This put me right back in misery again, only in a different way. I would pray and seek God to know what to preach, and God would give me the right message, but when it came time to deliver the message, it came out bad. Right message poor deliverance. I wanted to quit, but the call was too strong. Again I was seeking deliverance. I was questioning God why did you call me to preach, give me the right message, but no anointing to deliver it with. I decided it was because I was not praying and studying enough, so I would take the day off from work on the day I was scheduled to preach, and do nothing but pray and study. That never helped at all.

You never lose with God if you don't quit, because He lets you keep playing until you win. After years of bad preaching, right message poor deliverance, I realized what was wrong, it is my job to pray and seek God for the right message, it is also my job to study and make an outline, but when I get behind the pulpit I must be willing to turn it over to God from there to the end of the message, because He is the preacher and the teacher. It's His Word, and it's His Church, and I have to be willing to trust Him to deliver the Word.

It was necessary to tell of my failures, as well as my victory's so you could understand the purpose of this ministry. I remember a time when I was just a young Christian I was driving and listening to a religious broadcast. The program was about an organization that was helping people get deliverance from addictions through counseling and support groups. I remember saying I wish we could have something like that were I live so people could be delivered. Then the Lord spoke to me and ask how did people get delivered before this organization came into being? I knew the answer to that question, it was through the power of God. I then began to notice that the Church was beginning to rely more on psychology, and support groups than the power of God. There is nothing wrong with counseling and support groups, as long as they are pointing you to God for you deliverance, but when the counseling and support groups become the deliverer then there is a problem.

I was listening to a Pastor of a church that has thousands attending, and he made this statement "no one can be delivered from anything without a support group". I though how far from the Word of God we are drifting. Has the church become nothing more than psychology? The answer of course is no, we are not powerless we are powerful, we just need someone to teach us what the Bible says we have, and what the Bible says we can do.

I want to teach the Word of God to anyone who is willing to be taught. I want to make this teaching available to as many people as I possibly can. I know that I cannot teach everyone, but I want to teach as many as I can, and have those to go teach as many as they can. I want to have the process repeated by as times as possible, until there will be someone who knows the Word, who can teach those who are wanting deliverance. I want them taught them how much God loves them, and the power that is available to them. I don't want anyone to have to wait twenty years for deliverance, as I did, when it's there for them all the time.

The purpose of this ministry is to teach the Church how good God is, because if the Church doesn't know how good God is they cannot tell the world. Many ministers in the modern day Church stand behind their pulpit and tell those who are present that God is the one who killed their children, and cause their loved ones to suffer for years then die. They blame God for all the disasters that happen in the world. Calling those horrible things an act of God.

I know that I am not alone in this task, for there are other ministries who have been working longer and harder than I have. Telling the truth about who God is, and what God does and does not do, but I am thankful that I have an opportunity to do my part in bringing the Good News that is in God's Word to you.

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