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I'm a videographer living in Amsterdam. This year I had my first long documentary out called WhatEver Will Be, about two transgender women, a filmmaker ... and the struggle for change. I like Prince a lot. I wanted to make a film about Marvin Gaye and the injustice that was done to him. But it looks like my plans will derail due to fears of certain associates, a Black Spider Woman ... but most of all the curse of the evil Maluku Reiki Healing troll!
Who spewed her venom towards me because she found out the indiscrete old clown whispered in my ear the secrets of her platonic, joyless, passionless symbiosis with him, which is making his soul as limp as his foot.
Ain't no fury like a sexually deprived troll scorned! And the curse started with ... the cleaning of kitty litter on a shooting day and phone messaged pictures of the damn cat lying at the troll's feet in some dump in Amsterdam to a film location in Belgium!

Hm. This reads like the synopsis of a new film!
Well. Actually it is the synopsis of the book I want to write, since I'm an aspiring writer as well. Read here:

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  1. I just can't stop watching this. Over and over and over and over and over .... again. And then over and over and over and over ... you know the rest ....