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  1. Our Eyes Are Precious

    by Karen Abad subscribed to

    57 Videos / 352 Followers

    Films by Karen Abad. (because there are a lot of awful videos on my Vimeo...allow me to weed it out for you)

  2. 'Film-Look'

    by Javed Ahmed subscribed to

    379 Videos / 3,704 Followers

    A collection of video works by users aiming for that 'film-look'.

  3. Best Day Ever

    by Benim Foster subscribed to

    1 Video / 1 Follower

  4. The Art of Storytelling

    by T. Umrani subscribed to

    78 Videos / 15 Followers

    I love the creativity and art of filmmaking. There's nothing like crafting a film to tell an interesting story. I've been watching the works of some very talented people on Vimeo for over…

  5. HDSLR Cinematography

    by Ezaram Vambe subscribed to

    2,500 Videos / 4,437 Followers

    A great selection of HD videos that harness the power of DSLR cameras in all their majesty.

  6. Vimeo Staff Picks

    by Vimeo Staff subscribed to

    6,215 Videos / 133K Followers

    We really love videos, and these are the videos we really, really love. All of these videos have been hand picked by the real humans who work at Vimeo. We hope you enjoy them!

  7. HDSLR Movie Theater

    by Tadeu Kelly subscribed to

    4 Videos / 5 Followers

    A channel for HDSLR seventh art. Presenting the creations made with these marvelous little machines that are changing the way we make movies.

  8. ScreenScape Staff Picks

    by ScreenScape subscribed to

    45 Videos / 10 Followers

    We've chosen these videos based on their suitability to engage audiences in front of a ScreenScape Display. Find out more at screenscape.net

  9. Inspiration

    by Royal Ras subscribed to

    9 Videos / 3 Followers

  10. Short Films

    by Cameron Davies subscribed to

    8 Videos / 5 Followers

  11. WeAreDN

    by Directors Notes subscribed to

    3,824 Videos / 6,571 Followers

    The What, How & Why of Independent Filmmaking http://www.directorsnotes.com http://www.facebook.com/DirectorsNotes http://twitter.com/WeAreDN

  12. HD Documentary

    by Christian Ebeling subscribed to

    13 Videos / 8 Followers

    A collection of English HD documentaries (or at least with English subtitles).

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