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D-I-T-O Productions of Toronto, a non-profit video production company.
Our videos are produced with the help of volunteers, generally film and television production students. We specialize in special events and sports.
We started out in 1994 as Sniper Productions in Hamilton, Ontario. Our slogan was "sharpshooters with cameras".
We moved to Toronto in 1999 and changed our name to DELOS Productions. Our basic equipment was a single Hi-8 Camera and some very basic editing software.
DELOS Productions shut down completely in 2005 due to financial constraints and lack of volunteers. We basically sat in limbo until 2006, when we re-opened as Digital Images Toronto, with the purchase of a mini-DV camera and a new computer and software. Later we shortened our name to D-I-T-O. We are now known as D-I-T-O Productions of Toronto, because we want to keep 'Toronto' in our name.
We are always open to ideas. We would like you to let us know what you would like to see. Message us with your ideas.

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