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  1. Great job Dave, everything fit so well, the raw footage, photos, editing and music, just wonderful. And best outtake ever at the end.
  2. Don White commented on Unsaid
    And that's all I've got to say about that.
  3. Outstanding. Possibly the best shot of a developing weather event ever shot. Cudos
  4. Don White commented on Paper City
    No idea what kind of work and time went into the production but this was outstanding. Think however what it would have taken if it had been done using stop animation and real paper, whew!
  5. Don White commented on Fran's Daughter
    Well, yes this is a great short. Two things, fortunately I didn't read the text explaining the plot, and for me this worked, because at first when the daughters were talking at the door, I thought possibly there was a parent abuse issue and the…
  6. 17? Are you kidding me. Very well done and enjoyable. I must admit I found myself fascinated with the lack of concrete and asphalt. The cobble stone, pavers and various street configurations as well as sidewalks and such, just amazing.
  7. If I didn't know better I'd think you shot this in 4K.
  8. Don White commented on ANOTHER HELL
    Eduardo, I agree, movies like this make my brain hurt or feel like I didn't pay attention in school.