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I am a Look Dev/Texture artist currently available for work.
Fields of expertise:

- Character surfacing and texturing (Mudbox, Mari)
- Character Sculpting
- Character Grooming (Yeti, Shave&Haircut)
- Environment surfacing and texturing
- Look Development
- Lighting and Rendering (Renderman, 3Delight, Mental Ray, Arnold, MachStudio Pro)
- Excellent traditional and digital drawing and painting abilities
- Previous experience in supervisor and lead roles
- Can adapt to a given visual style
- Extensive UV unfolding experience (UV Layout)


  1. Solid Angle
  2. Felix Sputnik
  3. Zeth
  4. Maria Montes
  5. Angel Pavon
  6. ThePuppeteer
  7. Sergi Caballer

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