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Roving Picture Films, Melbourne, Hugh Turral.

The material here includes short films, music clips and doco footage where the cinematography, or in some cases operating, has been done by me. At the moment some links are password protected as the films are still doing the rounds of the festival circuits. Most will become public in due course, with the agreement of directors, producers, etc. If you wish to see them, contact me for a password. Thanks.

Three short films I shot in 2011 are currently going well on the festival circuit in USA and Europe:

1) "Hath No Man" - directed by Linus Koh (on Arri Alexa and RED) - Best Foreign Short at Arizona FF; Best Cinematography at Los Angeles Movie Awards. Gold Award for Short Film Cinematography at Australian Cinematographers Society (Vic) Awards 2012 and Judges Selection across all categories.

2) "Two guys in a Back Yard" - directed by Tez Frost (RED).

3) "Battlefield" - directed by Tim Marshall (S.16 mm - Aaton)

My website, with reel, stills, and streamed music clips and links to short films is at

Three new short films are in various stages of production and will be posted in the coming months.


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