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Wholesale manufacturer of Polished Petrified Wood, Acacia Wood Table Slabs, Decorative Jungle Vine supplier and Lava Stone Tiles. We are working with homeowners, architects, builders, manufacturers and contractors to create some of the most beautiful and affordable custom made homes, hotels, villas, airports and gardens in the world.

Polished Petrified Wood Table, Stools, Slabs, Tiles, Stump, Sinks, Bowls and Decoration fossils for sale. World wide shipping available. Special shipping rates to LA, NYC and London ports.

Handmade Acacia Wood Dining Table Top Slabs, Suar Wood Table Top Slabs and Monkey Pod Wood Table Top Slabs and furniture for sale. The custom made table top slab sizes range from 1.5 meters long to 4 meters long. The slabs are cut 10cm thick.

Our Lava Stone Wall and Floor Tiles are available in all sizes up to 50cm2 and come in three different natural colors of black, brown and white. These tiles are typically used outdoors for pool decks, landscaping and covering walls. Minimum order is 400m2.

The decorative Jungle Vines and Liana Vines are sold wholesale. The vines are fully cleaned and dried before they are shipped. Each vine is cut into a two meter length. These vines are mainly used in aquarium, terrarium, vivarium, artificial tree manufacturing and home decor. There currently is about 18 unique types of Jungle Vine products that we can supply.

Natural Gemstone rough, slabs, faceted, beads and cabochon stones for jewellery making. Sterling Silver Bali Beads and .925 Silver Sapphire jewelry for sale. Please email us at for more info regarding current stock and wholesale prices.

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