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I am a NY born, London based artist, who was a disillusioned fashion model-slash-actress at the turn of the millennium. I now have the absolute privilege of being mum to an extraordinary little human being (who happens to be female, too).

I write, perform, take photos, assemble, deconstruct, install and agitate, and I also maintain an ongoing drawing, painting and sculptural practice.

Gender and sexual politics, spirituality, questions of personal and cultural identity, and the subject of Love are the areas that interest me most as an artist (and have done so throughout my exploration as a human being).

I have strong and unapologetic leanings towards both conceptual work and expressionistic work.

I studied art at Central Saint Martins / Byam Shaw and at the University of East London (surreptitiously juggling two degree courses & schools simultaneously) and graduated from both in 2009.

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