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Central Illinois

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I love Jesus, he loves me and everyone else. Without faith in him, we have no hope in eternity... that's what I believe and feel is Truth. Through faith in Christ I've been given a love for you, and if you think I'm ignorant, misled, or wrong in my belief... I want to hear it. Misunderstanding is just the worst.

I really enjoy mixing and matching mediums, video is something I have so many ideas for but have hardly scratched the surface. Music was my introduction to expression. I've played drums most my life and doodled around with several bands. I found the amazing world of synthesizers a few years ago. Eventually I found the moving image. I'll continuously be exploring traditional and new mediums. It's all a process. I love it.

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  1. Great stuff Dan, the mixed timeline is really effective, simultaneously showing the pain and grace of Christ.
  2. Seth, Great video! Jon and his company should be pleased!! Great voice too. Soothing and peacefull. I can see tons of use at his business shows/conventions. Jon