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  1. Thank you EQUILOUD. Nice Quick Tip!
  2. dudenay commented on Follow Spline
    Hello, nice test, i guess the lines are due to the particles emission setup. Maybe some randomness in the speed could help.
  3. Wow this is really nice. If i may ask, is this an evolution of your "X-Particles 3D Vines" video? You've add a X-particles material on the particles or it's a normal material with some noisy displace on it? It's really nice, and the sound is nice too.
  4. Hé bé ça m'avait l'air sympa comme tout cette petite sauterie! Ça renforce l'envie de passer voir le lieu et d'être présent à la prochaine occasion de voir les copains. ++
  5. Nice result. Just a little "drop" between 1'16 and 1'17, according to what you've achieved, it's certainly an encoding default. You made all this by yourself? That's a great job, Bravo!