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Parallax was founded in 1996 by experienced executives in the advertising field. Since then, it has undergone rapid growth in both the photographic production and advertising arenas.

Parallax relies greatly on the ideas and creativity of its staff and partners so that it can in turn provide comprehensive marketing campaigns.
Its creative department consists of producer, photographers,art directors,graphic designers,editors,stylist in addition since we co-operate with some of the largest, most established agencies we are pleased to announce that the service we provide is of the highest standards and of an exceptional quality.

Parallax monitors and analyzes trends about the ways in which businesses choose to portray themselves and is therefore able to recommend the best combination of services, whilst constantly contributing to the development of its customers.

Parallax operates in the fashion and advertising industries and undertakes creative and production services.

Advertising Campaigns- Strategy-Planning

Fashion Photography,Interior photography,Brochures, TV Commercials, Radio Spots.

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