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Juan Jaramillo is a passionate and innovative international TVC director with a very wide range of abilities, expertly combining inspirational automotive imagery with a particular focus on computer-generated imagery, blue screen cinematography, digital animation, visual effects, complex compositing and an approach to light that often leads to surprising images.

Juan’s meticulous attention to detail and a great eye for exterior locations, urban as well as open roads and landscapes is also very evident in his work. He has a technical, hands-on knowledge of every aspect of his craft, his ability to lead a crew on location or in the post studio and a unique insight for putting short and succinct messages into moving pictures has gained the trust and allowed him to establish a truly original look for such clients as Acura, Dodge, Infiniti and Nissan in the U.S.; Buick, Cadillac, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo in China; Suzuki in Indonesia; Toyota in Malaysia, Lexus in Japan and Hyundai and Toshiba in India amongst many others.


PH: +61 419465616

Represented for Russia and UK by OLGA ROZANOVA // El COLONY
+44 7977 538 737 // SKYPE: roz007 // +1 310 3099862

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