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Bay Area, California

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CalArts Character Animation BFA3

doodles : ducksofrubber.tumblr.com/
contact : jasmin.lai@gmail.com


  1. Nick Gibney
  2. Michael Tringe
  3. Heejin Park
  4. HaeJung Michelle Park
  5. Margo Seiden
  6. Jessica Poon
  7. Tom Law
  8. Kai Wu
  9. Brittany McCarthy
  10. Hyojin Bae
  11. Hannah Ayoubi
  12. Sophie Diao
  13. CalArts Character Animation
  14. Dylan Ladds

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  1. Great Video :) We recently sent you an email, asking if you would be open to this video being used in an Online English Language learning lesson. Please let me know if you would be open to this? Best regards Richard Brown