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  1. Rule Boston Camera

    Rule Boston Camera Plus 1284 Soldiers Field Road, Boston


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    Rule Boston Camera sells, rents, installs, integrates and architects production and post-production equipment and solutions for film, video and media makers. Contact us at answers@rule.com or 800.rule.com. VISIT US: http://www.rule.com/ http://www.facebook.com/RuleBostonCamera http://twitter.com/rulebostoncam

  2. Eddie O'KEEFE

    Eddie O'KEEFE Plus Los Angeles


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    Eddie O'KEEFE is an incredibly handsome filmmaker. He digs chicks, patty melts and rock n roll music. He makes movies about delinquent teenagers behaving badly. http://www.theteenagehead.com/blog

  3. Brandon Setter

    Brandon Setter Plus Orange County, Ca


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    Filmmaker / DP / Editor Commercial and non-profit - ministry work. Based in Orange County - Los Angeles, Ca. Films & Blog: http://brandonsetter.com Video Director at ROCKHARBOR Church

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