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I'm a creative with over ten years writing experience, so I know people don't like to read… much. But that's cool, because it's my job to make sure anything you see, read, play or experience is worthy of memory and your reaction, if I’m lucky.
When I’m not grooming ideas from presentations and the street, I write screenplays, sew, build geodesic domes and collect costume jewellery. Once upon a time in Canada, I was a journalist for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Avenue magazine and the Calgary Herald newspaper.

Client experience:
Adidas (performance and Originals), Aldo, Budweiser, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Chivas Regal (12 & 18), Danone, Garnier, H&M, Hermes, iStockphoto, Jaeger, Kipling, Kobo, Lindex, Lipton, Mango, Moncler, Nokia, Persil, Red Bull, Revlon, Swarovski, Tommy Hilfiger, Tourism Montreal, Unilever

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