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Conceived in 2001, the New Media department at UFM was created to assist faculty members, researchers, and students in the use, creation, and management of digital resources that complement their academic work. And, due to the improvements in IT infrastructure and user expertise as well as advances in Internet enabled teaching, it became clear that the role of the New Media department would be twofold. Firstly, the department preserves and makes the university’s unique collection of VHS and ¾” films available through digitization and conversion to Internet compatible formats to increase access and use. Secondly, the New Media department has digitized and streamed classes, conferences and lectures held at UFM over the Internet in order to preserve this locally produced content, but also to support university distance learning. We actively assist departments and professors who wish to incorporate digital media into their courses by teaching various short courses in video and multimedia production. Additionally, we include many technical and academic value added features to the digital video, such as indexes, PowerPoint slides, and lecture notes. These developments permit greater faculty and student participation in the creation and use of teaching resources and mean that digital video is becoming an important tool in the provision of course material at UFM.

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