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Kiev. Ukraine

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Evgeniy Kuponosov

Director / dop / actor
ukrainian, russian, English (basic)
Marital status — not married
Political views and keeps up Mahatma Gandhi

Was born in Ismail (Odessa district) and behaved by his mother up till leaving home and moving to Kiev to get education. In Ismail graduated from the school 10 in 2003. Hadn’t been honored by any medals for knowledges because actively took part in school’s creative life. From 6th to 11th class was the leader of school YUID-team. Participated in «Your Talents Bessarabia» contest at Ismail talent school with reading poems. At the end of 11th year in school had a desire to enter Odessa’s Art School (Grekovka) on the actor’s faculty, but that year there was only one open faculty — of puppet-show actors. So the decision to go to Kiev was made where and enter KNUTKT of Karpenko-Kariy to the faculty of acting in drama theatre and cinematographyн was made, but it happened so that the documents were given to в «NAKKKiM» to the direction department, the faculty of arts and speciality "director of shows and mass celebrations ".
During the three years of studying the mentors, teacher and masters of the main subject — direction — were constantly changing without any reason given to the students. After changing 6 mentors and having rich life practice in cinematography Evgeny changes the mass shows direction to the movie direction.At the beginning of 4th year took academ-vacation because of new interesting job which gave a great practice and basic skills in profession. Assisting the professional in the company «FTT / Film Television Teсhnology» forced the further career raise. After two-week trial period in 2005 he took the director’s position of morning on-air TV show Guten Morgen.


2005 - 2009 Director and head of the projects at M1 tv channel. « Guten Morgen», «Day prokatitsa», «Volnosti Volnovoy», «Chipsi Chiksi Lavandos»
Director of many music videos, also making edition and color correction for ukrainian and russian artists - Skryabin, Alibi, О.ТОRVALD, Attitude, Quest Pistols, Lalo Project, TARABAROVA, Mureny, Vitaly Chirva, Lera Lera, Zhenya Milkovsky, Karaty, L’one Marselle, Pavlov(KAZAKY), XS, Kreml, Zhenya Fokin, Andrey Kishe, SKAY, MAXIMAN, Dzidzyo.
2005 - First plan role in A. Shapiro’s movie «Bessporno», character «Zhuk». Production: Russia - Ukraine. It was presented for the first time at Odessa Film Festival in 2011 and appeared on screens in 2013.
2009 - World Women Fencing Championship «The Golden Gate». Mobile TV stations, director.
2009 - Elaboration and shooting of corporate movies for inner use and business raising, the company «Autologistika».
2010 - Short film about the art of tattoo, the infliction of color palette on skin during 4 hours, which was shown in 3 minutes. Director, dop, Edit.
2010 - Expedition in South-East Asia. Agency of business trips and tourism ABTT «ABTTorskie puteshestviya», documentary stories about Asia culture. Director, dop.
2010 - Short film « Vietnam.Hanoi». The capital’s traffic shown from hotel’s 10th floor in different time of a day. Director, dop, edit.
2010 - Short film in support of Euro 2012. «Young for Euro 2012 in Kiev». Director / edit / color correction. (the shooting of the reel hadn’t been planned before, the idea to make it appeared during the photo shoot, and that name appeared after the edition).
2010 - Promo video of the concert-hall «Crystal Hall». Director, edit.
2010 - Edition of trick scenes, playback, work at the film «Dostavit’ Lyuboy tsenoy».
2011 - Expedition in Livia, Iran and Syria. Agency of business trips and tourism ABTT «ABTTorskie puteshestviya», documentary stories about culture. Director, dop.
2011 - Director of commercial «АППУ Honest Taxpayer». The ceremony of prizes «Honest Taxpayers»
2012 - Director and developer of extreme show «Beregis avtomobilya» for ICTV channel, shooting of project;s promo. For certain reasons left the project after 5 airs.
2012 - Advertising campaign «Ballantine’s» «PLAN - B», «Source of Inspiration». Director, edit.
Production Film UA, Russia, Ukraine.
2012 - The multi-shot of theatrical music plays «Halloween», «Romeo and Juliet», «Per Gunt». Theatre play by I. Mischinsky (St. Petersburg). Director, dop, edit.
2012 - Director of social advertisement on the topic «Football and safe sex» for the contest of Elena Pinchuk fund.

Favorite directors:
Martin Scorsese / James Cameron / Quentin Tarantino / Guy Richi / Akira Kurosawa / George Lukas / Steven Spielberg / Stanley Kubrick / Giuseppe Tornatore / Terry Gilliam / A. Tarkovsky / S. Balabanov / N. Mikhalkov.

To raise the level of ukrainian cinematography, to familiarize it and myself with the world. To prove that there are professional masters, talented artists, composers, painters and dop’s in young generation of our country.

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