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Canterbury, UK

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I graduated from the University of Sussex with a BA in English Literature, and have spent the first quarter of this year in New York City. Whilst there, I undertook a month long intensive workshop in Digital Filmmaking. I made my first two films there, a short montage film and a fifteen minute documentary about a community of old chaps that hang out on the boardwalks of Coney Island. I also worked shooting and editing a reality webseries taking a cock-eyed look at the pretensions and quirks of the fine arts scene in New York's affluent Chelsea district called The Madness of Art.

Since returning from New York, I made the bold move to get a Canon 5D MK. II and some basic equipment to begin independent filmmaking. Currently, I am recouping money, working hard and getting accustomed to my new kit. I am very interested in documentary as a form and hope to get into filmmaking professionally in some capacity, within the next year. I also am a keen photographer and, similarly to the filmmaking, am cutting my teeth with the 5D in a photographic capacity.

On the side, I also work for a film website called Pure Movies, writing reviews and interviewing some of the most interesting filmmakers and actors working today.


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