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  1. Sounds great, could easily be put out as an extra long ep :)
  2. Oh well looks like the buttons are a little to small and onthe wrong side for easy finger drumming. I guess I'll have tp plug in a and MPD 24 to this box :)
  3. Great sounds, is the em1 sufficient for a full backing track for a lve acid set in your opinion?
  4. TechnoMusic commented on Anushri demo
    Sounds great but Id much prefer just an analog drum machine. Analog Korg ER1 clone FTW!
  5. Interesting doc, the subsumed egotism of a young warrior shines through very well. I hope Dan does find the peace he seeks eventually.
  6. Nice jam. I could never get to grips with sampling on the octatrack AT ALL, so I sold it for an MPC.
  7. Basic problem is 90% of the trolls are teenage boys who will not be convinced by any rational argument. They have an image to uphold and rationality will not enter into it. As the man says "don't start a land war in asia" This is a battle that is…