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Almost 25 years of local Television News photojournalism and Freelance experience.
Still learning and trying to keep up with the future.
Currently I'm with WPTV as the Investigative/Special Projects Photographer and Editor.

Honors and Awards:

22 Regional Emmy Awards including:

“Feature and Series Reporting”
"Individual Achievement-Photography"
"Community Affairs"
"Longform programs" and
“Spot News"

In addition to:

Edward R Murrow Award-"Investigative" (2013)
Edward R Murrow Award-"Documentary" (2008)

2 SPJ Green Eyeshade Award-"Investigative Reporting"


Scripps Howard National Journalism Finalist Award-"Investigative"

2 Telly National Bronze Awards-"Investigative and Series"

Telly National Bronze Award-"Investigative"

B-roll.net International Awards-1st Place "Stand Ups" (2009)

B-roll.net International Awards-3rd Place "Investigative" (2009)

Society of Professional Journalists Award-1st Place “Feature”

Florida AP Awards-"Investigative, Sports and Light Feature"
Georgia AP Award “Best News Video”
Texas AP Award "Feature Reporting"

For information about my daughter go to-

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