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Jeremy Prusso was born on a hippie commune in Libby Montana to unique parents who encouraged him to throw tomahawks and shoot a bow and arrows. He grew up with 5 brothers, so you can imagine that he learned how to elbow, punch, and claw his way to food. He left home to start a rock band called Montan Slim. The group became famous in Logan, Utah. He lived in an abandoned frat house and lived off cold pizza. He also spent time in Belize, Italy, London, and Yellowstone. He thought it might be time to settle down, so he moved to Provo Utah where everyone seems to notice his beard.

He started Little Beard Production with some of his creative type friends who have with a passion for great visuals and creative concepts and travel. They have state of the art DIT station, RED Epic camera package, Zaxcom sound package, and grip trailer. They really like to make films, commercials, and web content. This is his life, imagine what he can do for your production.

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