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Jeff Osman
Director / Photographer / Cinematographer
carpe diem films
P.O. Box 2203
St Kilda West 3182
m: 0401048474

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By Priscilla Tonkin-Silcock
A moment of tenderness lingers in time, frozen... forever immortalised.
Meet Jeff Osman, filmmaker, director and head photographer of Carpe Diem Films. Born into a generation of photographers, the desire to capture the beauty of life that surrounds us everyday dwells in Osman’s veins. It is his birthright.
They say a picture paints a thousand words and the long list of clientele that has seen the business of Carpe Diem Films flourish into a respected name and Australian brand for over a decade bares testament to Jeff’s unique flair and ability capture movement and elegance.
A master at his craft, procured with care and one sole ambition in mind, to create the highest quality imagery and video footage possible.
Perfection in every angle, every hue, facial expression and tone, indeed Jeff Osman is like a painter but he does not use a brush or paints, with his equipment, and his years of education he has perfected a delicate craft....
Using his fingertips, his natural eye and the lens, this maestro paints with light.
A name now synonymous with high profile fashion, music, weddings and events, when you see the Carpe Diem Films insignia you know you are about to experience something that will move you, even change you.
Open your eyes and witness something so extraordinary it will linger in the recesses of your mind forever. Images are that powerful.
Jeff Osman and Carpe Diem Films are here to take your breath away.

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