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  1. There was a guy that lectured on Google that claimed that if we restored herd animals to the great plains, and all over the world we could reverse desertification and pull CO2 out of the atmosphere ending global warming. It sounded very interesting,…
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  4. What a cool mood this video creates .... what is that wonderful music. Are those skies real, they are so amazingly realistic they look almost fake! ;-) Thanks.
  5. I was just looking back at Star Wars the other day. I think I can do that since I saw all the movies when they came out and own them on DVD. I look back now and they seem fun, but so thin and pretentious to talk about mythology, even sad like a…
  6. > bill blackburn - Haidt will seem propagandist for the opposite side by people caught in their ideology, no matter conservative or liberal. … or maybe not. My comment was too harsh, but I have seen decades of documentaries, television shows -…
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    It's gonna get a lot worse than that if we do not start to control our population.