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Fuzzy Lights was born in 2004 and has since grown from a two-piece violin and electric guitar duo to a five-piece band. This gradual change in line-up has allowed them to build on their sound by weaving together elements of psych-folk, Americana and noise-rock, allowing them to explore wider territories and craft their own imprint.

Their reverb-soaked music found a dedicated following with the 2008 release of their debut album 'A Distant Voice'. Plan B magazine called the album “Just perfect”, Planet Sound “a truly mystical record that defied expectation – stunning” and Huw Stephens simply described it as being “gorgeous” on Radio 1.

With their new album 'Twin Feathers', released in August this year, Fuzzy Lights have brought about a natural development of their sound. Vocals feature more prominently amongst the eerie melodies and meticulous arrangements, acting as strands threaded through the music. Their music stands at the crossroads of 1960's British folk and haunted noise-rock, and it is this unlikely intertwining which truly defines Fuzzy Lights' sound.

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