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559 productions was started way back in the old west by a young man named Andrew Wolfe, he lived in a quaint little village just 20 miles south of what is now San Fransisco. His dad is papa shred who was a part time steel worker and a full time rodeo clown. But little Andrew was a smart little effer and was always getting into all sorts of buisnass. He was the one who captured the very first rainbow on canvas but his parents disowned him because his dads motto was "ain't no kid of mine gunna be a raging homosexual". So he packed his bags and moved to France (cause thats where the gays are). He found a nice home and there he went back to work inventing and creating. After many years of trying and failing he met up with prolly one of the coolest kids on the planet, Jake Gerst, and there Andrew started filming, shredding, and editing. He wanted a way to share these sacred medeoker videos so he started searching That is where he founded 559 productions and that started there quest.