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Maciej Piatek is a Polish video artist based in the UK . He started his adventure with movie making while preparing a short film ‘’Dictator’’ for a mobile phone movie competition ‘’Take it and Make it’’ a part of Off Plus Camera 2009, Cracow, where reaching final 10. Since then he has been involved in many projects, including producing music videos for various local music bands and emerging international musicians such as: Soolee/ South Korea, Program/Canada, Kid Savant/US, Stems/UK. Taking his interests further, Maciej has been focusing on his short films working alongside with Karol Wyszynski and other Yorkshire based artists. In addition, Maciej has been curating short movie showcases at Halifax Festival 2011-13, he is a founder and curator of a Polish short movie showcase ‘’Projektor’’ and co-founder of Halifax based electronic music event ''Körnee Shöny'', where his alter-ego Vj pietrushka performs a visual sessions mixing live his own video samples and these taken from cinematic classics of the 20th-century.

Established in 2008 F_F_P is the banner / and a company since 2013 / under which Maciej has been producing his short films, music videos and experimental visuals. He is currently working on various video projects including his second short film and a project of visualizations for various artists.


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