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Julie Sokolow is an award-winning independent filmmaker whose work has appeared at TIME, Huffington Post, and Boing Boing.  In 2014, The New York Times profiled the 26-year-old Sokolow and the documentary series she created: Healthy Artists, which blogs for MichaelMoore.com. She recently directed the viral documentary short Street Doctor.

Currently, Sokolow is directing, editing, and scoring her first documentary feature, Aspie Seeks Love. As a lo-fi musician, Sokolow has won the acclaim of Pitchfork, Wire, and The Washington Post.  She performs and tours around the country and scores many of her own films.

Most of her work is not on Vimeo, but you can check it out on her website (see below).

Likes: John Cassavetes, David Lynch, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Miranda July, Harmony Korine, David Cronenberg, Roman Polanski, Sarah Polley, Kirby Dick, Shuji Terayama, Kenneth Anger, Ingmar Bergman, Mike Leigh.

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