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I'm artist in many fields (surprisingly art is not one of those fields...O_o) I love designing things, writing, playing, singing, etc...I play cricket and squash, but only on a social level, which means I'm unfit O_o I'm a gamekop, Fifa being the main culprit, 05, 06, world cup, 07, champions league fifas, played em all, and now I'm playing the hardest fifa of them all...08...Anyhoo, I'm a friendly, down to earth kinda guy. I've been told that I'm an extrovert and that I make geraas, but that's not true...O_o...most of the time anyway... GOOD QUALITIES AND STRENGTHS...hard worker, never say die attitude, I strive to be the best, good listener, can pass a test without studying, food connoisseur, can consume a large amount of chips without showing any signs of fullness, can uplift a heavy heart with my sense of humour, my oddly shaped knuckles and talk in funny accents, writing deep stuff... BAD QUALITIES AND WEAKNESSESS...very cynical, sarcastic, don't like being disturbed when I'm busy, short fuse, red hall lozenges, Alley Bagget, the female form...

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